Travel Advisor Guide to Booking Ski Vacations

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Questions to ask your client before calling your Mountain Travel Expert

1. What are your client's preferred travel dates (or their window of opportunity for traveling)?

2. How many people are in the party? Are they adults, children, teens, seniors?

Resorts determine lift ticket pricing based on age. To get an accurate quote, having the exact ages of children is important.

3. What is the makeup of the party? Family, couples, singles, other?

*4. What level skier (or snowboarder) are the members of your client’s party? Beginner, intermediate, advanced? Are some of them snowboarders rather than skiers?

5. What type and quality of lodging accommodations is your client interested in? Hotel, condominium or private home? Budget, moderate, deluxe or luxury?

6. What else is important to your client when determining lodging accommodations?

Examples: proximity to ski slopes, pool, hot tub, restaurant on site, spa, fitness center, fireplace in their room. It helps if you can get your client to prioritize their wish list. For example, if booking a ski-in/ski-out location (kind of like being “beachfront”) is their top priority, they will need to understand that it will cost more for that location than lodging that is a shuttle ride away from the ski slopes.

7. What activities are the members of your client's party interested in besides skiing or snowboarding? Dining, nightlife, shopping, ice skating, spas, other?

8. What other components would your client like included in the package?

Additional components offers include air, vehicle rental/airport transfers, lift tickets, equipment rental, insurance and more - each of which means additional commission for you and one-stop shopping convenience for your client.

9. What is your client's budget?

If they aren’t sure, knowing where your client skied and stayed on their last vacation is a good indicator of their price point.

Now, just call one of our Travel Vacation Expert at 800-469-8795 and we will customize a great ski vacation for your clients based on their specific preferences.