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Kaku Place

Kaku Place is ideally located, being just steps from the main street in the ski village (Route 800) and within walking distance to Kitanomine Gondola. The development is a meticulously planned collection of 16 units over 5 storeys with onsite parking. Your place in the sun. By yourself or with your family. Some place to eat, be merry and have fun. A quiet corner to think and get away from it all. A place that is warm, comfortable and full of adventure. A place to challenge yourself and extend your reach. This is that place.


The Arthouse Apartments are one of the few condominium developments in the Furano Ski Resort area. The 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units are fully equipped with dishwasher, laundry machine for wash and dry and state-of-the-art shower unit. Located in Shimogoryo, an exclusive Furano neighborhood that is only 600 metres walk from the ski area, this trendy hamlet offers a peaceful and relaxed setting for all seasons. The neighborhood is widely known for one of the area’s best cafés as well as one of the city’s top-rated restaurants. There are also parks, temples and bars all within walking distance. So whether you are a skier, foodie, visiting in winter or summer; Arthouse is an ideal location for your Hokkaido getaway.